Law services

Law services

The law office emphasizes and promotes its capability to provide legal assistance in all fields of the law to its clients. The list below provides an indicative overview of the principal areas of legal practise which the law office deals in:

Labour law

  • protection of personal rights of individuals and good reputation of legal entities
  • establishment of legal entities (foundations, associations etc.) and taking care of their legal matters
  • trust management, trust funds
  • family law
  • tenures
  • inheritance law
  • obligations arising from agreements, contracts and legal acts
  • liabilities arising from delinquent behaviour – damages
  • corporate agenda (general assemblies, shareholders’ agreements, executive service and management contracts)
  • restructurings of corporations, acquisitions (mergers, divestments, splitting, M&As)
  • liquidation/wind-up of corporations
  • legal assistance in the conduct of business and investments (compliance with registration and reporting obligations)
  • unfair competition
  • protection of economic competition

Criminal law

  • takeover and preparation of defence
  • written submissions to authorities involved in criminal proceedings
  • direct participation in acts related to criminal proceedings
  • representation of damaged parties in criminal proceedings, including the presentation of damage claims and recovery of damages

Intellectual property law

  • protection of copyrights
  • licensing agreements
  • trademarks
  • industrial and proprietary rights
  • know-how, franchises

Real estate

  • real estate (including privately owned apartments) sale and purchase contracts
  • owner’s statements, building contracts, establishment of associations of owners or apartment units
  • development
  • lease contracts for lessors and lessees
  • lease-holding
  • liens, easements, material encumbrances
  • building law and practice

Labour law

  • relations arising from labour law
  • drafting and execution of management and employment contracts
  • improvement and expansion of skills
  • general consulting services in the field of labour law
  • legal support of enterpreneurs in power industry (production, distribution and dealing of electricity, gas and heat)
  • legal support in matters related to renewable energy resouces
  • expert/legal opinions in matters related to power industry
  • representation of participants within power industry proceedings

Court and arbitration proceedings, administrative proceedings

  • management and recovery of debts
  • representation before civil, arbitration and criminal courts and all state administration authorities (in particular planning permission and building proceedings)
  • representation in insolvency proceedings, registration of debts
  • execution of necessary documents and submissions on behalf of clients
  • general consulting services in the field of labour law

Supplementary services

  • legal escrow of cash and documents
  • property management
  • arrangement of notarial deeds prepared by a cooperating notary public at the seat of the law office
  • signature authenticity statements