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Reliability since 1990


The law office of Mikš & Suk has been successfully operating since 1990, and expanding steadily since its very beginnings. At the moment, it comprises ten attorneys, three legal trainees and additional clerical support staff members. The founders, JUDr. Jan Mikš and JUDr. Jan Suk, are highly respected members of the legal community, having served for many years in bodies of the Czech Bar Association; JUDr. Jan Mikš has been repeatedly elected Chairman of the Czech Bar Association’s Control Board and held a seat in the Disciplinary Jury for several terms, while JUDr. Jan Suk has been a member of the Control Board, also for several terms. Furthermore, the two founders also act as arbitrators; JUDr. Jan Mikš is an arbitrator of the Arbitration Court of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Czech Chamber of Agriculture. Members of the law office are skilled and experienced lawyers, capable of providing high-standard legal services in virtually any field of substantive or procedural law and competently representing clients before administrative authorities, arbitrators or courts, including defence in criminal matters.

The law office emphasises and promotes a traditional notion of practising law, which is based on trust of and long-term relations with its clients. It also endeavours to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services which for a number of corporate clients also include regular performance of services on the premises of clients or full management of selected agendas (e.g. claims). In addition to standard legal counselling, the law office also provides supplementary services, such as escrows, notarial deeds prepared by a cooperating notary public directly at the seat of the law office, organization of voluntary auctions, services of a cooperating tax advisor etc. The law office is a member of the Novoměstské advokátní kanceláře (New Town Law Offices) association, which it founded together with the law offices of Brož & Sokol & Novák and Nespala a spol. In addition, it cooperates with many partner law offices, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, in matters involving a specific local or foreign element. It provides its services in Czech, English and German.